Ultraformer III

About This Project



Ultraformer III is the most advanced technology with the capabilities of face lifting, tightening and body contouring. The technology works through the power of micro and macro focused ultrasound, regulated according to the conditions of the area we want to treat.


Microfocused ultrasound:

  • penetrates deep in the skin, reaching the deep dermis and muscular fascia


Macrofocused ultrasound:

  • has the ability to selectively destroy adipocytes and induce collagen production
  • allows to reduce sagging and fat located in the double chin, abdomen, inner thighs, buttocks, arms and knees


After treatment, the healing and tissue regeneration process stimulates the production of new collagen, reinforcing firmness and the desired “lifting effect”. It can be used on all skin phototypes, even tanned, and at any time of the year, with immediate return to your activities.⁣

Thermage FLX