Intimate rejuvenation

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More than an aesthetic issue, intimate rejuvenation benefits beyond the physical aspects, the emotional ones, being directly connected to issues of self-esteem and safety.


As in any other part of the body, the vaginal mucosa and the female genital region age and are vulnerable to various factors such as pregnancy, hormonal changes and menopause.


FemTouch, CO2 Laser, is a non-invasive procedure that allows women to regain confidence, health and intimate well-being through a painless, non-invasive treatment. Fem Touch stimulates the production of collagen in the vaginal mucosa, restoring the structure, firmness and elasticity of tissues in the female region.


Ultra Vera is a gynaecological treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Using advanced HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology, Ultra Vera delivers focused energy at a targeted depth in a uniform and safe manner. This treatment can treat flaccidity, vaginal dryness, improve incontinence and prevent recurrent infections having a very significant impact on women’s intimate health and emotional well-being.

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