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Firmness is one of the most important aspects for a beautiful, healthy-looking skin. However, with age firmness is also the first and fastest skin dimension to decline. Our skin’s firmness is determined by two key structural proteins: collagen and elastin.


Facial aging begins in your 20s and is caused by both internal factors (genetics and natural aging) and external (sun exposure, stress, smoking, etc.).


As the skin ages, the natural loss of collagen leads to thin it and structurally weaken it. With the loss of collagen, visible signs of aging — saggy skin, deep folds and wrinkles — will start to appear.


At AVENUE CLINIC we have several treatments available to help stimulate collagen synthesis and trigger skin rejuvenation and improve sagging and wrinkles:



Some biostimulators can also be injected in the deep dermis where they will activate collagen synthesis. When dealing with skin firmness the effects of a treatment will appear gradually over the course of several months.

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