About This Project

Dermapen is an effective and non-invasive microneedling treatment, which allows the administration of active ingredients to the skin, with the aim of promoting rejuvenation, treating expression lines, wrinkles and sagging, acne scars and smoothing blemishes.


The technique is performed by micro-perforation in the skin, through small, thin and delicate needles, which trigger a natural repair process, increasing collagen and elastin production, eliminating imperfections and visibly improving specific skin problems.


At AVENUE CLINIC we perform the treatment with the help of Dermapen 4, the most advanced microneedle device on the market. It’s faster, painless and guarantees superior results. Dermapen 4 allows for greater stimulation of collagen and an improvement in the luminosity and texture of the skin, leaving it healthier, renewed and homogeneous.


Indicated for the treatment of:
• Anti aging
• Pigmentation
• Enlarged pores
• Scars
• Stretch marks
• Acne


Face:   € 300

Face and Neck:   € 400


With PDRN supplement

Face:   € 400

Face and Neck:   € 500

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