Contour TRL by Sciton

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About This Project

Sciton’s Contour TRL is a fully customizable ablative Erbium:yag laser. Depending on the depth applied, we can remove a thin layer of the epidermis (MicroLaser Peel) or we can choose to completely remove the first and the second layer of the skin that corresponds to the dermis (Deep Skin Resurfacing).


Sciton’s Contour TRL is an all-in-one laser used to treat signs of aging, sun damage, deep wrinkles and scarring. However, it can be adjusted to provide various types of treatment.


Contour TRL stimulates collagen production as a wound healing response. The result is skin that looks refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated, improving skin thickness and texture. Thus, it is possible to achieve healthier, revitalized skin, with reduced wrinkles and more firmness.



Profractional by Sciton:

Face:   starting from € 600

Periocular:   € 350

Perioral:   € 400



HALO laser by Sciton:

Per session:   starting from € 1000

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