Acupulse CO2

About This Project



Acupulse CO2 is a laser with several dermatological applications. It is able to perform an ablative fractional resurfacing, which allows a safe, controlled removal of some of the skin layers, depending on the power used.


Its characteristic performance precision allows the energy to be emitted in columns that cross the skin and reach only intended areas, allowing a faster and more comfortable skin renewal with very effective results.


The skin shows improvements in terms of:


It is also indicated for the removal of scars, whether surgical or acne. Used as a single treatment or in combination with others, it is an excellent rejuvenation technique option.




The Acupulse CO2 laser allows women to regain confidence, health and intimate well-being through a painless, non-invasive treatment.


Intimate rejuvenation is a simple procedure that acts on the vaginal wall and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and tissue healing, improving the vaginal mucosa and restoring firmness, structure and genital microcirculation.


The CO2 laser is effective in the treatments of:

  • vaginal relaxation
  • Atrophy (post-menopausal or post-surgical)
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Urinary incontinence (mild)
  • Postpartum vaginal recovery


Facial treatment:   € 900 (includes a post-laser care kit)

Removing signs:   starting from € 100

Intimate rejuvenation:   € 300

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