Together with the same purpose:
to take care of you.

AVENUE CLINIC seeks the harmony that comes from an inner balance that irradiates on the outside.
With awareness, rigor and plainness, always focused on emotional and physical well-being, self-love and self-esteem, this is the purpose of our clinic.

In our space you will find a team passionate about what they do, which uses their knowledge, high technology and a unique sensitivity to take care of you. The mission of our medical clinic is to take care of you with empathy, love and respect.


Dr Ana Cristina Santos Silva

AVENUE CLINIC is a space which has been created with you in mind and the aim of enhancing your natural beauty through the way you present yourself, and also through the way you feel. I believe that this is my mission and I will do everything to fulfill it.
I have always had a special interest in beauty in general. After completing the Integrated Master’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences I was faced with the prospect of doing research, teaching in universities and becoming technical director in pharmacies. In my search for Caring, I instead enrolled in a second Degree in Integrative Medicine. But it was only with my first training in Aesthetic Medicine, 14 years ago in London, that I instinctively knew where my calling lay. Since then, I have attended courses and trainings with the best experts in the field worldwide, in order to progressively improve and update my practice.
Consciousness, rigour and naturalness are adjectives that best describe my work over the last 11 years. I believe and practice every day an holistic approach to non-surgical facial rejuvenation, which aims to restore the face as a whole, rather than focusing on individual areas. Taking into account the individuality of each face, I use my artistic eye and a “less is more” approach to naturally achieve a symmetrical and harmonious result.


Dr Bernardo Pimentel

Paying close attention to my own skin, to that of others and a permanent interest for news in this area have been a constant throughout my life. Having suffered from acne and carrying several scars from it, this interest of mine has only been stimulated as it was expressing itself in action.
Within the range of skin, hair and nail diseases covered by Dermatology, I have dedicated myself more to its aesthetic side, and I can assure that we are equipped with the best and most advanced technology in this regard, namely in terms of Lasers, every day more more indispensable in this field of expertise. As Clinical Director of AVENUE CLINIC, I aim to provide our clients the most innovative treatments, with the most adequate solutions to their concerns, without using invasive proceedures. I am motivated by the belief that a person, being a patient or not, will feel uplifted if his outside image has improved and is visible to himself and others.


Dr Leandro Silva

I have always considered Medicine as a challenge and within it Dermatology as one of its most complex areas. I believe in the power that lies in improving a dermatological condition (such as for instance acne, rosacea, melasma or alopecia) not only because of its aesthetic purpose but also for the expected impact it has on the quality of life.
At AVENUE CLINIC I dedicate my work to the areas of Trichology (hair diseases) and Laser, using methods and tools which are as non-invasive as possible. Likewise, I aim to promote customized health and to fight aging as a means to achieve well-being.


Dr Solange Nascimento

My path is best defined by a delivery commitment. As a Pharmacist, I tried to actively listen to all my clients in order to understand exactly what they felt and how I could translate their problems and frustrations into the most suitable solutions for each and every one of them. Given the opportunity Dr Cristina extended to me, furthermore in a place like AVENUE CLINIC which mirrors my motivations and philosophies, I saw the chance to expand and cement my approach. It is a privilege to listen to and treat each person who enters this Clinic, to promote and to bring out the best in themselves and to watch this evolution as an agent of change.


Dr Luciana Puzziello

With a medical degree taken in São Paulo, I specialised in Gynaecology and Obstetric and continued my studies in the field of infertility, with several specialisations. I believe that a Woman's intimate health is a key point in her feeling better about herself, more healthy and therefore, happier and more self-confident.


Dr Cristiana Ferradaz

I have always been passionate about Science, understanding Life and the Universe on a fundamental level.
I’ve started as a resident anesthesiologist. Feeling that that was not my path, I took a Master’s in Human Nutrition and Metabolism from NOVA Medical School and later a postgraduate degree in Functional Medicine from The Institute for Functional Medicine in the US. My vision about Life and Health has since gained new contours but it was the challenge laid down by Dr. Cristina that I started consultations at AVENUE CLINIC, that best defined my purpose.
Functional Medicine seeks the cause of disease and dysfunction by looking at the genetic, physiological, emotional and spiritual factors that determine it. This is how I see Health and how I approach those who come to me so that I help them find their physical, emotional and spiritual balance.


Dr Melanie Ferro

From an early age I was influenced to develop a taste for art, culture and aesthetics. But it was with my patients, as a physician in General and Family Medicine, that I have realized how Beauty and the maintenance of self-esteem go beyond a mere, superficial standard, being extremely important for the management of an individual's psychic balance.
Combining my natural taste for caring for others and for art, Aesthetic Medicine blends with Preventive Healthcare in order to enable social, family and work reintegration of a person.
My commitment at AVENUE CLINIC is to promote the well-being of our clients in a customized way, offering them high quality care and services as well as aesthetics and health solutions.


Dr Miguel Stapleton

I'm inspired by the balance of facial features and the proportion of the face since a very early age. I spent a lot of time drawing faces until I discovered makeup and being able to create illusions of light and shadow for a more harmonious and proportionate face. After finishing my dental medicine course, doing facial harmonizations encouraged me to pursue more natural results that can have a profound effect on the self-esteem of those who seek them. AVENUE CLINIC's mission is in line with my values and it's a project I've believed in since I met it.


Dr Margarida Cerineu

My interest in facial and body aesthetics started with self-care. From a very young age I have developed a huge taste for cosmetics and health. A quest for excellence and beauty that has been enhanced in my life by music, writing and travel.
The love for Aesthetic Medicine came to existence with the current comprehensive concept of beauty which includes health and well-being. A concept that allows me to touch the lives of all those I treat, in order to build a state of serenity when they watch themselves. That gives me a deep feeling of satisfaction for the work I have been doing since 2013. AVENUE CLINIC's atmosphere and values merge entirely with this personal mission of transforming lives.


Dr Susana Martins

My feeling towards beauty as well as my love for health and well-being made me realize from an early age that my path would be in some way to try and positively influence the lives of those around me. After completing a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and having had an experience in microbiology research at the University of Gent, as well as a postgraduate degree in nutraceuticals and food supplementation, it was my desire to care and make a difference, which combined with a taste for beauty made me fall in love with aesthetic medicine. Since then I have sought excellence in knowledge and above all in sensitivity, advocating a natural approach, valuing and respecting individual beauty, hoping to touch with love each and everyone I have the privilege of caring for. The opportunity to join Avenue Clinic’s team best defines my mission and my passion for work and for others.



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