Hair treatments

The scientific principles of beauty are based on objective physical measurements and proportions. However, true beauty is defined in subjective terms, related to personality, intelligence and charisma.
As well as the face and body, at AVENUE CLINIC we value the health of the hair and scalp, allowing us to provide a safe and effective response from diagnosis to hair treatment.
We have at your disposal a hair consultation that allows you to differentiate whether you are experiencing an increase in hair loss, also known as defluvium, or a decrease in hair density. It is estimated that more than 80% of men and more than 50% of women will have androgenetic alopecia. There are several factors that influence its evolution, with genetic and hormonal factors determining its existence.


Early action allows hair recovery, thus preventing the evolution of androgenetic alopecia and the need for hair transplants.

Hair treatments

Exceptional results

Laser ResurFX

Laser helps in the growth of new hair, by stimulating stem cells in the hair follicle. Metabolic processes are activated and blood flow is increased, through the action of infrared light, which promotes the restoration of hair growth.


ResurHair promotes the restoration of the hair Growth by:

• Purifying and defibrotizing clogged hair follicle

• Stimulation of stem cells in the hair bulge

• Antiinflammation of arector musculus pili

• Stimulation neovascularization of hair follicle • Shifting the follicles into anagen phase

• Prolong duration of anagen (active growth phase).


Per Session:   € 300

Biostimulation - Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRP)

Biostimulation with platelet-rich plasma (autologous biostimulation) is a rejuvenating method that uses cells plasmatic proteins and growth factors to stimulate and potentiate the normal biological functions of tissues. PRP is used in several medical fields due to its ability to promote wound healing.


In the scalp, it stimulates the activity of the follicles promoting vascularization, and consequently the growth of new hair, promoting volume, density and coverage. PRP is an excellent treatment for hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, seasonal and post-pregnancy alopecia and for hair transplant preparation and recovery.


Appointments with: Dr Leandro Silva.


Per Session:   € 450


Capillary Intradermotherapy is a technique based on the capillary injection of active ingredients, which will nourish the hair, promoting its growth. This treatment acts on areas where there are problems and/or excessive hair loss. Direct application of the active substances to the scalp also stimulates collagen production.


Appointments with: Dr Leandro Silva.


Intradermotherapy for hair:   € 350

Fotona HAIRestart®

The Fotona HAIRestart® protocol is an innovative solution to stimulate inactive hair follicles and promote hair growth.


HAIRestart®’s laser thermal pulsation on the scalp activates fibroblasts and dermal papilla cells, leading to improved follicular activity, increased hair density and thickness and the growth of new follicles.

HairRestart protocol:   € 300

Evaluation Consultation

Evaluation consultation:  € 90



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