Body Treatments

The scientific principles of beauty are based on objective physical measurements and proportions. However, true beauty is defined in subjective terms, related to personality, intelligence and charisma. In the aesthetics world, oftentimes, too much emphasis is placed on measurements and formulations, which results in unnatural and repeated beauty patterns. As a result, the emotional side, expression and personality of each person are often overlooked.


Like the face, the rest of the body must be seen as a whole and properly evaluated, taking into account the different layers of the skin. In the upper layer, we act to regenerate collagen and elastin, promoting firmness and improving skin quality. In the middle layer, our available technology allows the elimination of localized fat and body remodelling.

Body Treatments

Natural results

Ultraformer III

Ultraformer III is the most advanced technology for the treatment of facial sagging, muscle repositioning and also body contouring. This technology uses the powers of micro and macro-focused ultrasound, regulated according to the conditions of the area that needs treatment.


The macrofocused ultrasound has the ability to destroy the adipocytes and contract the collagen fibers, which reduces the sagging and fat located in the chin, abdomen, inner thighs, glutes, arms and knees.


Abdomen:   € 400 to € 450

Flanks:   € 400

Thighs internal:   € 400

Glute lifting:   € 400

Infra-Glute:   € 450

Thigh external:   € 400

Knees:   € 350

Arms:   € 380

Suprascapular:   €  300

Infrascapular:   € 300

ResurFX laser

For stretch marks and scars, the ResurFX hand piece is guided across the skin emitting laser energy that penetrates the outer skin layers. Collagen beneath the skin is stimulated, encouraging collagen remodeling, repair and growth. The repair of these middle-skin fibers helps provide a smoother appearance and reduction in visible stretch marks. The treatment typically lasts under 30 minutes, and there is minimal to no downtime after the procedure.


Depending on the extent of stretch marks and the areas being treated, the most optimal results with ResurFX laser treatment can be obtained with a series of multiple treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.


Stretch marks: price upon request

Scars:   starting from € 100

Fotona laser

The Fotona laser is a synergistic combination of non-invasive aesthetic procedures in a single treatment.


The Fotona treatment is designed to work on deeper, medial and superficial connective structures of the skin, while simultaneously targeting various skin imperfections.


Fotona’s laser treatment enables full-thickness contraction of collagen for persistent, low-downtime tightening and volumization without injectables.


TightsSculpting Abdomen:   € 450

TightSculpting Flanks:   € 400

TightSculpting Arms:   € 400

TightSculpting Inner thigh:   € 450

TightSculpting Hind thigh:   € 450

TightSculpting Knee:   € 400


Scizer has the latest technology to reduce localized fat and improve skin sagging, without side effects or recovery time, allowing the definition of body contour. It works through non-invasive high-intensity focused ultrasound technology that irreversibly destroys adipocytes in the subcutaneous fat layer.


In turn, adipocytes suffer a necrosis that results in cellular debris, which is later transported out of the treated area through the lymphatic system. The thermal increase also leads to a superficial action on the dermis, promoting the formation of new collagen and improvements in skin firmness.


Using a cooling system, this equipment provides an anesthetic effect and extra protection to the epidermis, ensuring greater comfort during treatment.


Per area:   € 350

Pico Discovery laser

Pico is the first laser with the ability to emit a large quantity of energy in a short period of time: picosseconds. One of its main areas of benefit are scars and stretch marks.


Stretch marks:   price upon request.

Scars:   starting from € 100

Onicomicoses:   starting from € 150

Tattoos:   price upon request.

FemTouch - Vaginal Health Treatment

FemTouch is a non-ablative CO2 laser that allows women to regain confidence, health and intimate well-being through a painless, non-invasive treatment.


Intimate rejuvenation with CO2 Laser is a simple procedure that acts on the vaginal wall and stimulates the production of collagen, restoring the structure, firmness and elasticity of tissues in the female region.


The CO2 laser is effective in the treatments of:

  • Vaginal relaxation
  • Improvement in lubrication and tone (increasing or recovering the sensation of pleasure and the contraction of the vaginal canal)
  • Atrophy (post-menopausal or post-surgical)
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Urinary incontinence (mild)
  • Postpartum vaginal recovery


Intimate rejuvenation:   € 300

Enzimatic Lipo

Specific treatments dedicated to toning and firmness of the body. The protocols are customized to the needs and objectives determined in each case.


Each treatment has different purposes: reduce localized fat (the subcutaneous fat layer does not respond easily to diet and exercise); decrease cellulite by acting on the problem and the factors surrounding it; increase the firmness and toning of fabrics; activate blood microcirculation; cause draining action and therefore eliminate toxins. It is also used to reduce stretch marks and scars in combination with micro needling.


Appointments with: Dr Bernardo Pimentel, Dra Melanie Ferro, Dra Inês Marques Mayworm and Dr Pedro Santos.


Starting from:   € 150

Endymed radiofrequency

Microneedling activates the body’s natural restorative processes, remodeling collagen to transform aged and damaged tissue into younger, healthier skin.


EndyMed Intensif combines gold microneedles with radio frequency energy, emitting it in the dermis, which results in greater collagen remodeling and consequent skin rejuvenation, reducing the appearance of stretch marks.


This treatment was specifically designed to address sagging and improve skin quality in certain areas of the body, combining bioremodeling and a tension effect.


A biocompatible product is used, consisting of a high concentration of 100% pure hyaluronic acid, which provides deep hydration and tissue remodeling. The skin looks smoother, healthier and with an improvement in texture, associated with a lifting effect.


Profhilo has the unique ability to stimulate the four types of collagen present in our skin. Its effect is maintained in the weeks following treatment due to a progressive increase in collagen and elastin production as well as its high capacity for distribution and integration into tissues.


Particularly useful in the treatment of sagging skin in the abdomen, arms, neckline and knees and suitable for all skin types and ages.


Appointments with: Dr Bernardo Pimentel, Dra Melanie Ferro, Dra Inês Marques Mayworm and Dr Pedro Santos.


Two-session complete protocol:   € 1100
Individual price:   € 600

Lanluma (bio-stimulator)

Lanluma is highly effective in several body areas but the buttocks area is one of the most requested.

Different anatomical variables, such as bone structure, subcutaneous fat distribution and the volume and width of the gluteus maximus influence the shape of the buttocks.

Currently, the Lanluma collagen bio-stimulator is an effective treatments for shaping and sculpting the buttocks. Consisting of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) microparticles that have the ability to gradually restore tissue volume and activate the production of new collagen fibres, its application visibly improves the texture, shape and volume of tissues and significantly reduces cellulite.

The natural-looking results start to show up six to eight weeks after the first treatment and natural collagen production is stimulated for the following 10 months.


Appointments with: Dr Bernardo Pimentel, Dra Melanie Ferro, Dra Inês Marques Mayworm and Dr Pedro Santos.


1 session body:   starting from € 1600

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Hyperhidrosis is a benign disease characterized by excessive sweating or hypersweating. Although sweat is an essential mechanism for regulating the body’s temperature, when its production exceeds the normal needs for this regulation, it can be uncomfortable.


Hyperhidrosis usually appears in childhood, with a tendency to worsen during puberty, and is more frequent in females.


Treatment with botulinum toxin temporarily prevents stimulation of the sweat glands, being effective for excessive sweating and its odor.


Appointments with: Dr Bernardo Pimentel, Dra Melanie Ferro, Dra Inês Marques Mayworm and Dr Pedro Santos.


Starting from:  € 500


Dermapen is an effective and non-invasive microneedling treatment, which allows the administration of active ingredients to the skin, with the aim of promoting rejuvenation, treating expression lines, wrinkles and sagging, acne scars and smoothing blemishes.


The technique is performed by micro-perforation in the skin, through small, thin and delicate needles, which trigger a natural repair process, increasing collagen and elastin production, eliminating imperfections and visibly improving specific skin problems.


At AVENUE CLINIC we perform the treatment with the help of Dermapen 4, the most advanced microneedle device on the market. It’s faster, painless and guarantees superior results. Dermapen 4 allows for greater stimulation of collagen and an improvement in the luminosity and texture of the skin, leaving it healthier, renewed and homogeneous.


Indicated for the treatment of:
• Anti aging
• Pigmentation
• Enlarged pores
• Scars
• Stretch marks
• Acne


Treatment Value per affected area: € 185
Pack 3 Sessions: € 450

Ultra Vera

Ultra Vera is a gynaecological treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Using advanced HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology, Ultra Vera delivers focused energy at a targeted depth in a uniform and safe manner.


Depending on the tip used in the procedure, it reaches different depths at a precise temperature to trigger the healing process that leads to the formation of new collagen and elastin, significantly improving the firmness of the inner vaginal area. The release of energy at the highest depth also causes the contraction of muscle tissue which intensifies the tightening effect.


Ultra Vera can treat flaccidity, vaginal dryness, improve incontinence and prevent recurrent infections having a very significant impact on women’s intimate health and emotional well-being.


Per session:   € 650

Pack 2 sessions:   € 1200


BBL HERO is a Broadband light (BBL) with high energy rapid output (Hero).
This advanced phototherapy technology emits pulses of energy that prompt the body to initiate its natural healing process, rejuvenating the skin.


Suitable for treating hyper-pigmentation, redness, acne and rosacea and capable of reversing signs of ageing and photo-ageing by promoting collagen and elastin production, BBL HERO is a personalised treatment that can be applied to the face or body in areas such as the neckline, arms, back and legs to visibly improve skin health.

Evaluation Consultation

Evaluation consultation:   between € 75 and € 90



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