The place where you will find your wellbeing.


Dra Ana Cristina Santos Silva


We are pleased to welcome you to AVENUE CLINIC, your aesthetic medicine clinic.

A space and a concept created to the minor detail aiming to improve the well-being, the health and beauty, both inside and outside, of those who visit us. A path that we have built over the last few years under the SkinLife Beauty Clinic signature and that now guides us through the opening of AVENUE CLINIC, the place where your well-being lives.

With awareness, rigour and plainness, always focused on emotional and physical well-being and self-esteem, our aesthetic medicine clinic’s mission is to care with empathy, love and respect. It’s getting to know each and every person, to meet their transformation process and the relationship with themselves, to impact in a positive way their lives by dealing with beauty and well-being as a whole – always respecting each and everyone’s individuality.

As a team we are passionate about what we do and take advantage of our know-how, high technology and a unique sensitivity to take care of you.

As the mentor of this project, I believe that work is Love in action and that our contribution towards serving others has a cascading effect that reaches out and touches the world around us.

In fulfilling the clinic’s mission, we will do our utmost to occupy a special and unique place in your heart and mind.


Deeply thankful,

Assinado por Doutora Ana Cristina Santos Silva



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